New TRUBLU ultimate plus wheels
-Available now-
These new wheels have all the normal TRUBLU ultimate features, DT Swiss spokes, Japanese race bearings hand built and performance tested, but also TRUBLU plus rims, which have  wider  section for lower rolling resistance (faster) and improve both  cornering speed and tyre life.
Proven less speed loss in corners due to lower tyre scrub and less pit stops for tyre changes are required.
As used by THINK HPV   - TOOTHLESS and Energy breakthrough Maryborough 2018 HPV open winner and new race record holder -  PerZeus

Current Recumbent Trike Racing Results

2019  1st place Wonthaggi HPV Gran Prix open Secondary (Caulfield Grammar) Nighthawk/Spaceframe

          1st place Wonthaggi HPV Gran Prix community  -Nighthawk/ Spaceframe

2018 Maryborough RACV -  4 of the top 10 primary positions were  held by TRUBLU trikes with Nighthawk fairings

2017 Maryborough RACV Lap record (Derinya Primary School) Spaceframe/Nighthawk 5 of the top 10 positions at 2017 Maryborough Primary section are held by TRUBLU trikes

2017 1st place Casey HPV (Overtakers) Spaceframe

2016 2nd Place Maryborough Primary section (Jells Park Primary School) Spaceframe/Nighthawk

2016 LAP RECORD Maryborough Primary section (Derinya Primary School) Spaceframe/Nighthawk

2016 1st place Casey HPV 6 hour (Overtakers ) Spaceframe

2016 1st place Wonthaggi HPV Gran Prix and fastest lap - Spaceframe/Nighthawk

2015 2nd place Maryborough Primary section (Derinya Primary School) Nighthawk

2015 Wonthaggi HPV Gran Prix Beaconsfield Upper Community –Veterans 1st place (Nighthawk fairing)

2012 –1st place Round 3 Casey

2012 -1st place and new distance record Australian International Pedal Prix