Looking for options?

Here are some of our recent builds for ideas.

Black Magnum-Electric Assist

Black magnum EAHeadrest, pannier rack, ortleib pannier bags, side bag, helping handles, lights.


Magnum Electric Assist Offroad

Magnum EA Offroad

Offroad tyres, Rohloff internal gearing, pannier rack and Ortleib pannier bags, wrist rest, headrest.

MRT XC Electric Assist Blue



Spd pedals, pannier rack, headlights.

MRT XC with leg support Green


MRT XC Green leg support

MRT XC Electric Assist Red


Mrt recent build red


Offroad tyres, pannier rack, Ortleib pannier bags, headrest and spd pedals.

ICE Adventure  HD -electric assist

ice adventure hd

Shimano alfine internal gears ,pannier rack, wrist rests ,neck rest, big apple tyres

ICE Adventure Rohloff  HD

ice hd with rohloff

26" rear wheel, Rohloff 14 speed internal gearbox , Sugino touring crankset, Pannier rack, spd pedals, ortleib side bag