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At MR Recumbent Trikes we have Recumbent Trike parts for racing, touring and special purposes available for sale. This includes cromolly tubing, gears, brakes, rims, hubs, spokes, tyres, wheels, chain, cranksets, and fairing and frame parts. (Note: The pricing on chromolly tubing is constantly changing so is not included in web pricelist. Please phone 0488 652 909 to enquire.)

If you can’t find a Recumbent Trike part you’re looking for however, simply let us know your needs and we’ll do our best to assist. 

We supply schools, manufacturers and individual builders with Recumbent Trike parts.

Suppliers to Recumbent Trike racing teams at:

Wonthaggi Pedal Prix, Maryborough RACV Energy Breakthrough, RACQ Pedal Prix and Technology challenge, Victorian HPV Gran Prix series, Casey Fields, Knox, Bendigo, Australian HPV Super series Mount Gambier, Loxton, Victoria Park, Busselton, Murray Bridge.

Over 20 years building and supplying Recumbent Trikes and Recumbent Trike parts.

We build the famous

TRUBLU racing wheels 

- the fastest and most reliable trike wheels available which save both money and time!

TRUBLU WHEELS - The original and best high performance Trike wheel

Higher speed and less maintenance.

If you are sick of replacing and repairing trike wheels at each race then the TRUBLU wheel is for you.

These are now used by Top racing trike manufacturers (not only on TRUBLU trikes but also TRUMP trikes, G trikes and Harnetty racing trikes ) for their top racing models because TRUBLU wheels are faster, more reliable and last longer than any other.

Each TRUBLU ULTIMATE wheel is hand built in Australia with DT Swiss spokes, stress relieved, then individually tested for even maximum spoke tension. Then using a special compound the nipples are locked in place, (but may be trued if ever required). Next JAPANESE RACE BEARINGS and CNC SPACERS are fitted. Finally each wheel is individually roll tested to ensure they perform at the highest level.

We specially designed then had these rims manufactured for the high cornering loads of racing trikes. Less time off the track for maintenance equals a faster trike and most importantly, less problems to worry about.

Many customers report saving more than 6 seconds per lap with TRUBLU ULTIMATE  wheels.  During a 24 hour race this adds up to over Half an Hour Advantage !!!!

The majority of race winning trikes around Australia use TRUBLU wheels because their minimal flex makes the trike is easier to control in corners plus minimal flex means that the spokes don't fatigue so the wheel lasts a long time.

They actually save money too over cheaper wheels as you need fewer spare wheels and much lower maintenance is required. Typically it will be years before spoke replacement is necessary. A recent customer who races several trikes told me he previously allowed for replacing 3 spare standard front wheels per trike per race but after we rebuilt his hubs with TRUBLU rims they have not had any failures.

TRUBLU rims and wheels are available in the 349 (16") size commonly used in racing. We have complete TRUBLU ULTIMATE wheels with Dt Swiss spokes, cnc spacers and Japanese race bearings available for $250. ( See code Code:  WFTBU349)

TRUBLU standard wheels are also available  from $190 - rebuilds from $135



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