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At MR Recumbent Trikes we have trike parts for racing, touring and special purposes available for sale. This includes cromolly tubing, gears, brakes, rims, hubs, spokes, tyres, wheels, chain, cranksets, and fairing and frame parts. (Note pricing on cromolly tubing is constantly changing so is not included in web pricelist)

If you can’t find a part you’re looking for however, simply let us know your needs and we’ll do our best to assist.

We supply schools, manufacturers and individual builders.

Suppliers to racing teams at:

Wonthaggi Pedal Prix, Maryborough RACV Energy Breakthrough, RACQ Pedal Prix and Technology challenge, Victorian HPV Gran Prix series, Casey Fields, Knox, Bendigo, Australian HPV Super series Mount Gambier, Loxton, Victoria Park, Busselton, Murray Bridge.

Over 20 years building recumbent trikes.

We build the famous TRUBLU racing wheels-the fastest and most reliable trike wheels available which save both money and time!


Code: TRS16

Back in stock Tyres Scorcher 16x 1 1/2", very fast and sticky tyres

(RRP of $59) - discount for quantity

$ 51

Code: TRS20

Tyre Scorcher 20 x 1.5


$ 54

Code: TRI16

Tyre Innova 16 x 1 1/4(32-349)  good option for race tyre

$ 28

Code: TRK16

Tyre Schwalbe kojak 16 x 1 1 /4 (32-349)

$ 44

Code: TU16AV

Tube 16 x 1 3/8 AV (349) car valve

$ 8

Code: TU20AV

Tube 20 x 1.5 AV (406) car valve

$ 6

Code: SENF

Never Flat tyre sealant

$ 20

Code: TRBA20

Tyre Schwalbe Big apple Tyre for suspension like ride, low rolling resistance- 20 x 2"

$ 54

Miscellaneous Parts and Tools

Code: SCM

Seat cover- mesh type with eyelets

(suit model similar to GT3)

$ 85

Code: MRCY

Mirror mirrycycle

$ 28

Code: SFO

Safety flag

$ 12


Nighthawk race fairing KIT -suits TRUBLU trikes and some other models

Multiple race winning fairing flat pack kit -DIY KIT includes laser cut coreflute, screens, glue, Velcro instructions

$ 780


Windscreen Kit (replaces bubble screens on Nighthawk) includes 3 front screens

$ 120

Code: NACA

Naca vent for sidescreen

$ 15

Code: MDR16          

16" rear mudguard

$ 20



Full Tool kit in box-includes spoke key, crank removal tool, pedal spanner, tyre levers, allen keys, spanners, bottom bracket removal tool, screwdriver

$ 145

Code: TLVR

Schwalbe tyre levers. Plastic super tough tyre lever, set of three

$ 11


Lifu folding tool (hex keys and screwdrivers)

$ 15

Code: CTGN  

Cable tie gun. Great for corflute fairing building as it tensions and cuts off flush in one move. Adjustable tension and prevents a sharp edge


$ 45