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MR Recumbent Trikes and MR components stocks a wide variety of Recumbent Trikes for many different uses. Please browse through the selections below and click for more info. All models below are in stock and ready for test riding.  

MR Components also have one of the largest selections of Recumbent Trike spare parts in Victoria and we are the home of TRUBLU Racing Trikes.

View our stock here and when you are ready to purchase please call 0488 652 909 to place your order.

Contact MR Recumbent Trikes if you wish to purchase a used trike. We do have used trikes listed on our website but for the most current used trike information please call, as stock changes frequently.


To make comparisons easier, all trike specs are included below, or contact Michael  for his expert advice on a trike that best suits you. Click images to enlarge.

 MRT XC Touring Trike

A high quality trike designed and made in Australia

Folds for transport

Very stable steering , excellent handling and a small turning circle

Adjustable seat height and angle allows easy access for riders with limited mobility

120kg rider weight rating

Cost from - $4800

Click here for Specifications and additional information


GT20 New stock arriving February 2022


GT 20

A multiuse folding trike from Greenspeed with 20 “ wheels. Features an adjustable seat height and angle and 24 speed gearing. Excellent turning circle




GT 26

A multiuse folding trike from Greenspeed with 20“ front wheels and a 26” rear wheel. Features an adjustable seat height and angle and 24 speed gearing. Excellent turning circle.



Magnum - New Stock arriving February 2022



A new folding trike from Greenspeed with impressive features and adjustable seat height and a large 180 kg rider weight capacity. This trike features Big Apple suspension tyres for a smooth ride. Hand cranked version also available.






“The Rolls Royce” of recumbent trikes. This trike has features including: full suspension, adjustable seat angle, folding frame, 20” front wheels, 26” rear wheel.




Crank drive Electric assist with excellent efficiency and performance is now available as an additional upgrade on selected models of trikes.

Starting at $2,700 with 2 year warranty and Panasonic battery

Please call to check if your trike is suitable for Electric Assist.


Recumbent trikes for riders with disabilities


We can also supply new trikes with modifications to suit riders with disabilities. Over 20 years of experience means it’s usually possible for us to find a satisfying solution which gives the rider the ability to enjoy the freedom of cycling. Recumbent trikes are advantageous for riders with physical limitations because of the inherent stability and ease of use. We have built trikes for amputees, and riders with stroke issues, back problems, cerebral palsy, balance issues, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and many others.

Disability trike

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For other Greenspeed models, available on request, please enquire with Michael for more information.

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