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Some pics from our customers whilst out enjoying their trikes. All pics can be clicked for a closer view. Updated May 2012
A sleeping dog resting after a hard nights barking
An ancient kingdom long since lost
Another campsite
Chris and Mel making repairs to Paul's trike
Debating monks, Sera Monastary Lhasa
Everest base camp
First campsite out of Lhasa
Gyatse Pass 5248m
Last pass as cross over the Himalya
Launch pad to the Himalyas on the way to the last pass
Main square Lhasa
More views of Chomalungma
On the way down
On the way up the Peng La on the way to Everest or Chomalungma
Paul at yet another campsite
Paul sporting some prayer horns
Potala palace Lhasa
Prayer flags at Gyatse Pass
Road from Chomlungma to Tingri
Sharyn riding pack herder's horse with local riding trike behind
View of Chomalungma and Choyu from near Tingri
View of Chomalungma from prayer stones at Rongbuk Monastary